Why openclosit

Look good. Protect the planet.

Extend the lifecycle of your wardrobe and be at the forefront of fashion sustainability.


Support the sustainable fashion revolution. By renting we can keep items in use for longer, reducing the amount of fashion waste that goes to the landfill.


List your designer outfits and accessories on OpenClosit. Store them at OpenClosit's HQ where we take care of everything from try-ons to shipments to dry cleaning.


Get paid 30% of the rental price by direct deposit every time your items rent. Enjoy an unlimited earning potential while still maintaining ownership of your items.


Share your wardrobe and let others rent from you. Browse other members closets for a new knockout look for that special occasion.

Why openclosit

for our one and only earth


of the world’s carbon emissions will be a result of the fashion industry by 2050.

(Down To Earth)


of all clothing produced ends up in landfills approximately.



years is the length of time clothes with
non-biodegradable fabrics will sit in landfills, even longer if they are plastic based.


Extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months would reduce carbon, waste, and water footprints by around 20-30%



Johanna Moonan

Having practiced purchasing "No New Clothes" for over five years, Johanna recognized a gap in the fashion marketplace: there needed to be a more circular way to access the highest fashions that we tend to photograph and wear only once for special events. Enter OpenClosit. Like a fully-managed Airbnb for your wardrobe, Johanna and team connect high fashion owners with fashion renters to create a highly curated and mutually beneficial sharing economy.

Originally hailing from Canada, Johanna moved to Bali in 2017 to develop the technology that fuels OpenClosit's multicloset online store. Having identified Los Angeles as the ideal launch market for the business, Johanna and her Bali dog moved to Malibu in 2020 to grow the inventory on the platform.

"My 'aha! moment' came after I saw the numbers, it was clear that there was something exciting here. OpenClosit was created to fill the need for that knockout one-time-wear outfit for women but also as a solution for people whose budget does not extend to high fashion but would love to access luxury garments. More importantly, it extends the life cycle of that garment that otherwise the owner could would wear once. As a side result, I hope that OpenClosit will minimize consumers reliance on fast fashion brands that have little to no concern for the environment and or the people behind the scenes and in the factories."

Johanna spends most days at OpenClosit's storefront in Santa Monica where you can find her styling customers for their special events and ogling over new inventory coming in.