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Every designer rental listed on OpenClosit belongs to a stylish woman near you. Curated closets from celebrities, stylists and influencers are approved by our team to ensure quality.

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Do you have a variety of designer outfits and handbags you'd like to rent? Share your fashion investments and earn per rental


Our mission is to extend the lifespan of designer clothing, keeping it in circulation through our sustainable marketplace. Tap into elevated designer wardrobes based in Los Angeles while supporting the slow fashion movement. Join us in creating a more sustainable fashion future.


Extend the Lifecycle of Your Wardrobe and be at the Forefront of Fashion Sustainability


List your designer outfits and handbags on OpenClosit. You choose the price and manage the terms.


Support the sustainable fashion revolution. By renting we can keep items in use for longer, reducing the amount of fashion waste that goes to the landfill.


Share your closet and let others rent your designer items - or browse other members closets for a new knockout dress for that special occasion.


You set the rental price of your items and get paid 70% by direct deposit every time they rent. Enjoy an unlimited earning potential while still maintaining ownership of your items.

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