Renting Tips


When first messaging an owner about a dress, always state the date you are hoping to rent the item. That way you can confirm if the item is even available, before you start discussing those important renting details. Always confirm whether you must dry clean the item before return and discuss whether you can try on the item or not. OpenClosit LA is only operational in Los Angeles, making it easy to meet up and try on an item at our Malibu studio or another mutually convenient location.

Bookings for items are usually non-refundable, so make sure you are certain you want the item, before you proceed to booking and payment. If you still feel that you are entitled to a refund, contact our support team after raising this with the dress owner.

Getting an item back to the owner is generally the renter's responsibility, unless otherwise agreed upon. An item must be returned within one week after the date of the event, unless otherwise stated by the owner. After wearing the item, make sure to contact the owner to let them know you are now taking the appropriate steps to cleaning (if applicable) and returning the item. Some of our customers like to post items back to owners instead of dropping them back. If doing so, we advise finding the nearest US Post Office and using their Priority Mail 1-Day service. Remember to send through a tracking number to the owner. This ensures fast delivery and secure arrival of the item. Failure to send through a tracking number means that should an item never arrive, you may be liable. There are US Post Offices on most major city blocks in LA and you can find the one closest to you here.

Any security deposits should be returned to your account within 1 week of it arriving back to it's owner, pending it being returned in good standing.

For your protection always keep conversations and transactions on the OpenClosit website. For any disputes, contact [email protected].


As a selected OpenClosit partner, we want you to feel empowered to run your own business out of your closet, while giving you all the support and help you need along the way. Contact us at any point for support with renting at [email protected] and feel free to use our LA studio for your meet ups and try ons.

To ensure a customer is responsible with your item, we recommend that upon enquiry of the item, you let the customer know the date the item must be returned by, and whether it should be dry cleaned, hand washed, or not cleaned at all. We also recommend that you contact the owner the day after their event to confirm the return date. We advise you allow customers at least 3 business days after their event for dry cleaning, should you desire this to be done before return.

Make sure to keep your calendar up to date, including blocking out any delivery and cleaning dates. This can help you keep track of your rentals, customers, and their contact information. It will ensure you don’t double book dresses or misplace contact information for people in possession of your items.

Getting the dress to a customer is generally the owner’s responsibility. OpenClosit LA is only operational in Los Angeles, making it easy to coordinate a try on and meet up that suits both parties, whether at our Malibu studio or another mutually convenient location. We encourage you to take advantage of using our OpenClosit studio where we manage try ons and drop offs for you, free of charge. Just email us and deliver the dress to our studio at 2030 Paramount Drive. If postage is an option you consider offering, we recommend that you use the US Post Office's Priority Mail 1-Day service. The average one-way cost is $10. Remember to send through a tracking number to our studio or your customer. This ensures fast delivery and secure arrival of the item. There are US Post offices on most major city blocks in LA and you can find the one closest to you here. We cannot stress enough how important a tracking number is. If no tracking number is used, the parcel cannot be confirmed to have been sent or delivered, and cannot be tracked should something go wrong. Without a tracking number, the sender of the parcel is liable for it's loss.

After the item is returned in good standing, be sure to refund the security deposit value to your customer’s account within 1 week of receiving it back. You can do this on Your Reservations page. Should the item be returned late, or damaged, some or all of the security deposit may be withheld. Please refer to our terms and conditions for when you are eligible to withhold a deposit and communicate this to your renter. Should an item never be returned, again the deposit can be used as compensation. However, we state that if an item is not returned, the customer is liable for compensating the owner for an amount totalling the RRP of the item, minus the hire fee and security deposit (if applicable).

If you would like to make a refund to a customer, email our support team to process this for you.

Of course, it is up to you how you conduct your rentals, and you can be as casual or strict as you like.

For your protection, always keep transactions and conversations on the OpenClosit site. For any disputes, contact [email protected].

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